Emerged conglomerate of industry since its inception.
More than a decade experience in leading apparel manufacturing and sourcing
Professionally managed apparel cloth manufacturing
Highly trained workforce dedicated towards quality product
Designers of trendy and modern fashionwear
Fashion and knitwear for clients of all ages
A renowned name in garments manufacturing since 1998

The Group



Workfield saw its inception in 1998. Beginning our journey as a conglomerate of industry, we have amassed over a decade of experience in the manufacturing and sourcing of high quality garment wear.

Over time we have managed to establish ourselves as a pioneer in garments industry, catering to customers across the globe. Our specialization includes the design, production and supply of 100% export quality apparels for all ages. All our products are examined and produced by a team of highly qualified individuals, working round the clock to meet client needs.

Over the years we have integrated state of the art testing facilities, equipped with fabric testers, button pulling test, piling test, color fastness test, fabric weight test etc. In addition to quality control, we also specialize in in-house product and graphics design to ensure that we stand out with unique designs. Our main goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality product for the most reasonable price.


Mr. Syed Mahbub Zunnurain
Group CEO and Managing Director
Workfield Group

Mr. Syed Mahbub Zunnurain is the current CEO and the owner of Workfield group.

WorkField Group is a dynamic, futuristic and leading business group, represented by 6 independent business units in Garments manufacturing since 1998 in Bangladesh. Mr. Zunnurain has been a vital key role player behind the success of WorkField Group. With his hands-on nature of operating businesses, all concerns of WorkField Group have seen major success over the years. He is a responsible leader and has been profusely working for administering the designing, improvement and implementation phases the company uses to deliver its services.


WorkField Knitwear

WorkField Knitwear

WorkField Knitwear Fashion started its journey in 2006. Since then, it has become one of the leading export oriented knit garment factory in Bangladesh. Its readymade knit garment-wear has allowed Knitwear Fashion to carve out a niche in the international market. As one of the fasted growing companies in the field of fashion wear, Knitwear Fashion is determined to provide top-of-the-line clothing to its esteemed clients.

WorkField Fashionwear

Workfield Fashionwear

After seeing the success of Workfield Knitwear, the group decided to embark upon a new concern – Workfield Fashionwear. This concern was primarily introduced in an effort to specialize in fashionwear. A team of highly skilled product, fashion and graphic designers work hand in hand to create fashionwear that exudes quality and stay in-tune with modern fashion trends. Workfield Fashionwear employs the use of top of the line machinery among which includes: Over lock, plan machine, cylinder bed, feed of the arm, flade lock, rib cutting, button hole, pecoating, cutting machine, boiler, sucker machine, spot remover etc.

We have received the prestigious Gold Certificate of Complaince certificate awarded to us by WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production).

Print Asia Limited

Print Asia Limited

Print Asia is a high volume, contract screen printer that ships across Europe, America and the rest of the world around the clock, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Instead of stock-piling printed merchandise, we print everything after the order is placed. This is to ensure that the products delivered is of the highest quality.

We maintain a strict mode of quality control on all stage of the production. Prior to the item going into production, a real human reviews the order for any issues. During production we use touch-screens, barcode scanners and highly trained employees to double and triple check every aspect of the production.

We pride ourselves in operating round the clock to produce and ship orders in record time. Many of our orders are printed and shipped within 24 hours.

Luke Studio Limited

Luke Studio Limited

Luke Studio focuses on the technical yet creative task of color separation. Our company has closely collaborated with Sun City and other globally renowned apparel manufacturers for some truly ground breaking work. Our work has earned us awards at Screen Print International and Ad Specialty International. To enable us to perform these highly specialized tasks we employ the use of a Film Output Machine.

In order to stay in-tune with the latest trends and manufacturing requirements we maintain a close relationship with industry leaders and technologies. Our top of the line machinery includes printing machines, sublimation machine, drayer etc.



News & Events

Business leaders call on visiting Indian PM

Leaders of business community in Bangladesh paid a courtesy call on visiting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on June 7 in Dhaka.They discussed bilateral trade issues between Bangladesh and India.

Cotton trousers prices down by 41% in US market: Dr. Mark Anner

A study on ‘Prices and Development in the Global Apparel Industry: Bangladesh in Comparative Perspective’ was presented at BGMEA Conference Room by Dr. Mark Anner, Associate Professor of Pen State University and Jennifer Blair, Associate Professor of University of Colorado, USA, on 25 June, Thursday.

Customers & Brands

  • Warner-bros
  • Timberland
  • Target
  • PAUL-&-JOE
  • kmart
  • Disney
  • BigW
  • Barbie
  • Airness
  • Hugo Boss
  • Designworks
  • Sun City
  • Salt & Pepper
  • NTD
  • Lee Cooper
  • Kiabi
  • CWF
  • Auchan
  • Carrefour
  • Springhill
  • Casino



Safety is of prime concern to us. To ensure our workforce’s safety we have implemented a full functioning fire prevention and extinguishing facilities. We also conduct fire drills periodically to make sure workers are fully aware of what to do in the event a fire occurs.

For employees with underaged children we have kept the provision for a child care area where children can freely play and spend time safely.

We also have a certified medical doctor on standby in case of medical emergencies.

Over the years we have also partaken in charitable social events.

Dedicated full time doctor
Child care area
Safety makes good dollars and sense
Safety First, Avoid the Worst.
Employee cafeteria

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